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Noah's Mill Review

Noah's Mill Review

Noah’s Mill is part of the small batch collection (Pure Kentucky, Kentucky XO, Rowan’s Creek) bottled and sold by KBD in Bardstown, Kentucky. KBD is also known for a variety of brands that include Willett, Black Maple Hill, Johnny Drum and many others. KBD only recently started to distill their product which can be seen in the Willett 2 year old rye released in 2014. It is well know that the bourbon contained in Noah’s Mill is sourced from another distiller, possibly Heaven Hill. KBD will not confirm the source of their NDP products

Noah’s Mill is a blend of Kentucky bourbons aged between 4 and 20 years but does not carry an age statement. This has not always been the case and used to be bottled with a 15 year age statement. The youngest bourbon in the batch was 15 years. Some years ago KBD dropped the age statement and reformulated this bourbon due to the difficulty in securing enough of the required older stocks.

This was sampled neat in a brandy snifter at a bar in rural MD. The perks of traveling solo for work.

Proof: 114.3 proof

Batch: QBC 15-18

Warehouse: DSP-KY-78

Age: NAS

Nose: Starts hot, leads to sweet vanilla, caramel, orange, toffee, graham cracker and cinnamon. Complex

Palate: Allspice, caramel, more graham crackers, cola, heat.

Finish: Very dry, short finish. Its like a desert in my mouth - cactus and tumbleweeds. Misc baking spice. Bitter.

Score: 2.0/5.0 Meh

This bourbon tastes really, really hot. The finish was short and forgettable. However, the nose was fantastic. Some water mellows this one out and opens up the finish to some sweeter notes. In Charleston I can find this for $48 before tax however there are much better options for Barrel Proofers around or below that price. 

Recommended: Bookers, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Stagg Jr.

- Mark @ Entry Proof

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