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Mellow Corn Bottled In Bond Review

Mellow Corn Bottled In Bond Review


Mellow Corn Bottled in Bond is a straight corn whiskey produced by Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.  You've all heard me say it (or rather write it) before - HH is the king of BIB whiskeys and for good reason. Not only do they produce BIB Bourbons and Ryes but they are the only distiller producing a straight corn whiskey that can be labeled as such. What is Corn Whiskey you might ask? 

"“Corn whisky” is whisky produced at not exceeding 160° proof from a fermented mash of not less than 80 percent corn grain, and if stored in oak containers stored at not more than 125° proof in used or uncharred new oak containers and not subjected in any manner to treatment with charred wood; and also includes mixtures of such whisky."

The Corn Whiskey category is very similar to the Light Whiskey category with the exception that the later was introduced in 1968 and has additional labeling requirements in relation to blending. 

MCBIB has a seen a resurgence in popularity among the American whiskey community in the past few years. Why? Probably a combination of word of mouth from whiskey nerds and bartenders mixing it in cocktails. Maybe the recent legal moonshine crazy has a part to play. This is also not a new whiskey. I have seen bottles of Mellow Corn distilled in 1951. Check the pictures section below for an example from the wine cellar at the 21 Club in Manhattan. 


Distillery: Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky (DSP-KY-1)


Cost: $14 pre tax for a 1 Liter bottle in SC. 

Proof: 100 Proof

Age: At least 4 years old

Mashbill: Unconfirmed but supposedly 90% Corn / 10% Rye and Barley

Tasting Notes

Pour: 2 oz neat in a Glencairn glass

Nose: Big whiff of dusty old smarties, sweet tarts, solvent/varnish, and candy corn. Young.

Palate: Dry, day old corn muffins, cheap caramel chews and coarse ground black pepper. 

Finish: Caramel, coarse black and white pepper, and more misc opaque hard candy.

Score: 2/5


So, why Mellow Corn? For around $14 you can get a 1 liter bottle of 4 year old, 100 proof BIB whiskey. We can all agree that is a solid value. However, on it's own there are many, many other whiskeys I would rather sip neat. For the same price you can grab a 1 liter bottle of Evan Williams BIB (my personal gold standard for cheap, readily available BIB bourbon). Now, that isn't to say this is a bad whiskey because its not. It is however in my opinion young and very one dimensional.

This is one of those oddities that I am honestly shocked still exists in today's market and can be found on the shelf. Outside of bartenders and whiskey nerds it is relatively unknown. But, that still didn't stop me from wanting to try this whiskey and it shouldn't stop you either. This juice really seems to shine in cocktails designed to beat back the summer heat (lots of ice). Try it in a Kentucky Mule where the peppery notes compliment a spicy ginger beer. Cheers! 

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